08 Jan 2023

November marked an extraordinary chapter for KNOPF co-founders, Larry Knopf and Gage Knopf, as well as the rest of their team. Their journey led them to the city of Austin, Texas, where they featured the KNOPF brand at the renowned Minutes + Hours Watch Show, a 2-day event.

For those unversed in horological circles, Minutes + Hours transcends the standard watch gathering. It serves as a premier destination for watch aficionados, attracting a diverse array of brands from across the globe. This annual event, traversing cities like Los Angeles and Chicago, serves as a convergence point for both emerging and established watchmakers.

Imagine a tapestry of time-telling marvels, where enthusiasts of all ages convene to explore the hidden treasures of the watch world. Brands such as KNOPF, a spirited newcomer, shared space with esteemed names boasting over a century's legacy in watchmaking.

Amidst a sophisticated art studio on Austin's outskirts, the team proudly showcased their KNOPF NY-405 collection, hailing it as a "wearable piece of art."

As the event commenced, a steady stream of watch enthusiasts flooded the space, eager to engage with KNOPF's creations. Larry and Gage found themselves immersed, fielding queries, sharing stories, and witnessing the fascination generated by their unique timepieces.

Their watches stood out amidst the traditional array of divers, chronographs, and field watches. The distinct dials drew admiration, sparking murmurs of intrigue and praise from both attendees and fellow brands' representatives alike.

Beyond the show's confines, Austin enveloped them in its Texan hospitality. They concluded their whirlwind journey with cocktails and a delectable feast at a local Brazilian steak house—a fitting conclusion to their escapade.

In retrospect, Austin not only delivered an exceptional show experience but also etched unforgettable memories for KNOPF—a testament to the heart of Texas and its warmth.